Vincent Easton

This page provides some background details and contact details for Vincent Easton.

Born in England, I decided to move to warmer climes back in the ’60s to South Africa, where I spent some 20 years, most of that period in Cape Town, but working on University and other computer mainframe installations around the country for a variety of manufacturers, including ICL, IBM, Siemens, Sperry Univac / Unisys, as well as their UNIX derivatives, software and hardware.  My involvement with SX/1100 – the Univac answer to IBM’s AIX, UNIX on mainframes, prompted the company to relocate me from South Africa to Singapore, then Asia Group in Hong Kong, following a secondment to U. Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, and benchmarking various UNIX and Linux variants for marketing proposals.

During this period a number of years with Reader’s Digest Association in Cape Town as IT Systems Head, with ultimate responsibility for many hundreds of mail shots, led to an interest in copy editing as well as the marketing side of the business – an interest which led to work as Technical Author and later as proofreader, Editor and Financial Journalist for a group of media businesses throughout Asia, following  a number of assignments in the Univac / Unisys Education Centres in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

More recently this involvement in the teaching field as well as contributing articles and translations for various in-flight magazines, from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines has led to engagements as Technical Author and English tutoring at various levels, including business English to senior lawyers over an extended period.